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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2007 Topps Flashback Fridays

Welcome back to BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe. Today I have a  Starter pack from the 2007 Topps Flashback Fridays set. This was a 25 card set that HTA shops gave out. These starter packs had cards 1 thru 5 and then each subsequent card was given out week by week until all 25 cards were issued.

2007 Topps Flashback Fridays

FF1 Ryan Howard (Phillies)
FF2 Derek Jeter (Yankees)
FF3 Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds)
FF4 Miguel Tejada (Orioles)
FF5 David Wright (Mets)

The backs

A back closeup.

Total Cards: 5

Teams Represented: 5

Rookie Cards: 0

Parallels / Refractors: N/A

Inserts: N/A

Hits: N/A

Keepers for Me: N/A


Front Design: 7 out of 10. + Cool art background, nice design. - No team logos or colors.

Back Design: 6  out of 10.+ Nice write up on player's career, good layout. - No team logo, no picture, no stats, no color.

Player Selection: Very Good. All good players.

Hard hit single. Hard to rate a starter pack since they are all the same. I liked putting the set together so naturally I like the cards. It was like an insert set without having to by the packs.

Thanks for Reading!

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