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Thursday, July 15, 2010

1994 Donruss Series One (Hobby Only)

Welcome back to the Pack Rip Cafe. Today I have a pack of 1994 Donruss Series One (Hobby Only). These came with 13 cards per pack

1994 Donruss Series One

#122 Carlos Hernandez (Dodgers)
#219 Carlos Quintana (Red Sox)
#16 Dennis Eckersley (A's)
#249 Joe Oliver (Reds)
#187 Trevor Hoffman (Padres)
#258 Tim Raines (White Sox)

#89 Cal Eldred (Brewers)
#283 J.T. Snow (Angels)
#74 Rob Deer (Red Sox)
# 109 Larry Casian (Twins)
#169 Rick Honeycutt (A's)
#44 Mickey Tettelton (Tigers)

Special Edition #2 Mike Piazza (Dodgers)

Some backs


Total Cards: 13
Teams Represented: 10
Rookie Cards: 0
Parallels: 1
Inserts: 0
Hits: 0
Keepers for Me: 2 (Piazza & Eckersley, the rest are up for grabs)


Front Design: 6.5 out of 10. Nice team logos, glossy, some foil, decent photos, no borders.
Back Design: 6 out of 10. Decent photos, no team logo, only 1993 stats, good design

Player Selection: 6.out of 10. OK player mix, some stars.

Single to left. Any pack with a Piazza parallel is a hit to me. Over all an OK pack with some nice players and a cool parallel.

   The Pack Rip Cafe will be on vacation for 10 days or so as I travel down to North Carolina for a family vacation. I have a bunch of stuff ready to go and will return with more pack rips when we get back.

Thanks for Reading!

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