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Monday, July 5, 2010

2006 Upper Deck Series Two

I am back today with a pack of 2006 Upper Deck Series Two. These come with 8 cards per pack.

2006 UPPER DECK Series Two

#891 Jason Bay (Pirates) Checklist
#835 D'Angelo Jimenez (Rangers)
#901 Macay McBride RC (Braves)

#984 Brian Wilson RC (Giants)
#528 Corey Patterson (Orioles)
#653 Jason Bulger RC (Angels)

#720 Kyle Farnsworth (Yankees)
#584 Eduardo Perez (Indians)

Some Backs
Total Cards:  8
Teams Represented:  8
Rookie Cards:  3
Parallels:  0
Inserts:  0
Hits:  0
Keepers for Me:  1 (Farnsworth, the rest are up for grabs)

Front Design: 5 out of 10. OK team logos, can't read player names very well, simple layout, ok photography.

Back Design: 7 out of 10. Nice write up on player, full career stats, nice team logo, good layout.

Player Selection: 3 out of 10. No Mets, one so-so Yankee, few other stars except Bay, 3 rookies I don't know much about after 4 years.

FINAL OVERALL RATING:  Foul Out on first base side.

Overall not a very exciting pack. One Yankee keeper and a couple of  notable players leave little to be excited about.

Thanks For Reading!

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