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Saturday, July 3, 2010

1991 Leaf Series One

Welcome again to the Pack Rip Cafe. Today we go back to 1991 and open a pack of Leaf Series One. These came with 15 cards plus one more with 3 Harmon Killebrew puzzle pieces.

1991 Leaf Series One
1991 Leaf Series One
#163 Len Dykstra (Phillies)
#168 Barry Larkin (Reds)
#245 Pete Harnisch (Astros)
#250 Kevin Brown (Rangers)
#255 Junior Naboa (Expos)
#260 Paul Marak (Braves)

As a Met fan, it will always be Lenny Dykstra. I know somebody who may want the Larkin.

#199 Kirk McCaskill (Angels)
#204 Pedro Guerrero (Cardinals)
#149 Travis Fryman (Tigers)
#154 Duane Ward (Blue Jays)
159 Mark Knudson (Brewers)
#164 Tom Brunansky (Red Sox)

Not much to say about this group.

#169 Scott Sanderson (Yankees)
#175 Chris James (Indians)
#251 Milt Culver (Tigers)
Killabrew Puzzle Pieces 4, 5, 6.

A no big deal yankee and some shiny puzzle pieces.

Over all not a very good pack at all. No inserts, bland cards, no Mets and one  two season Yankee.
My rating is a pop out in foul territory behind the catcher. The only reason it's that high is that the Yankee had a decent winning record record in NY over the 2 seasons (28-21) and a .533 winning percentage over a 19 year career. Also 14 different teams were represented. The rest are available if anybody wants them. Tell everyone what you think in the comments section.

Thanks for Reading!

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