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Thursday, August 5, 2010

2005 Fleer Tradition Series 1 Hobby Edition

 Hey all. I'm back with a pack of 2005 Fleer Tradition Series 1 Hobby Edition today on the Pack Rip Cafe.

2005 Fleer Tradition Series 1 Hobby Edition


#39 Coco Crisp (Indians)
#170 Mike Cameron (Mets)
#19 Roger Clemens (Astros)
#157 David Ortiz (Red Sox)

#294 Choo Freeman (Rockies)
#109 Shawn Green (Dodgers)
#277 Angel Berroa (Royals)
#235 Hideki Matsui (Yankees)

Gray Parralell #128 Mike Lowell (Marlins)
Cooperstown Tribute #8 of 10 CT Nolan Ryan (Rangers) sn'd 1015/1999

Some backs.

The set breakdown and odds. The Ryan I got is a 1:72 packs and is sn'd to the year of his Hall of Fame induction.

Total Cards: 10
Teams Represented: 10
Rookie Cards: 0
Parallels: 1 (Gray Back/Border)
Short Prints:  0
Inserts: 1
Hits: 0
Keepers for Me: 4 (Matsui, Cameron, Ryan, and Clemens)
Front Design: 6.5 out of 10 Good pictures, simple design, team logo, different backgrounds
Back Design: 7.5 out of 10 Nice design, Full career stats, basic player info, no team logo, not my favorite color combination.
Player Selection: 6.5 out of 10 Good

 FINAL OVERALL RATING: Double in the gap. Four keepers, a HOFer sn'd insert, a gray parallel, a Met and Yankee make this a real good pack.

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  1. I liked this series, and this was a good pack for you. Nice write up.


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