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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2008 Topps Opening Day

    Hello all, today I have the second pack from the repack box to present here on the Cafe. I have a pack of 2008 Topps Opening Day. I believe this is the last year they made the cards look different from the flagship set by changing the border color along with adding the Opening Day logo. I wish they would still do that but since they don't I will no longer build the sets. 

2008 Topps Opening Day

#32 Curtis Granderson (Tigers)
#63 Chris Duncan (Cardinals)

no # Mascot Stomper (A's)
#151 Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)

#218 Joey Votto (Reds) RC
# 1 of 1 Checklist

Some backs, the filler card and some 4 year old gum.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 4
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
1 (Checklist)
1 (Mascot Tattoo)
Keepers for Me:
 0 (All are up for grabs)

Front Design: 6.5 out of 10 Good pictures, nice simple design, no team logo, Same as flagship set with different color border.
Back Design:
 7 out of 10 Nice design, good player info, full career stats,  no team logo
Player Selection:
7 out of 10
Good quality players.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: Fly Out to center field. Zero  keepers and a checklist that's counted as a card makes an out for this pack. A good player selection and decent design puts the bat on the ball.

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