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Monday, November 15, 2010

1993 Flair Premier Edition

     Hello again Pack Rip Cafe readers. Today I return with a pack of Flair from the year of it's inception, 1993. This was a high end style card set without the killer high end price.

1993 Flair Premier Edition
These packs were actually shrink wrapped little boxes with a clear sealed pack of 10 cards inside.

#255 Bernie Williams (Yankees)
#243 Dave Winfield (Twins)
#93 Howard Johnson (Mets)
Three keepers off the top! I always forget that Winfield played for the Twins until I get one of those cards.

#300 Checklist
#234 Jim Deshaies (Twins)
#224 Darryl Hamilton (Brewers)
#213 George Brett (Royals)
     Brett is the king of this group and shares the top with Bernie Williams for the pack. I don't like when the checklist cards are included in the numbered set as I would rather have more player cards. This is the last of 3 in the set and may be the fanciest checklist I have ever seen.

#40 Joe Girardi (Rockies)
#138 Barry Bonds (Giants)
#29 Hal Morris (Reds)
    The Bonds is a nice card. I am not the biggest fan of his but his spot in baseball history, good and bad, can't be denied.

A couple of backs.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 8
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
1 (Checklist)
Keepers for Me:
 6 (Williams,Winfield, Johnson, checklist, Brett, Bonds)

Front Design: 7 out of 10 Quality action photos, very glossy, fancy foil work, no team logo.
Back Design:
 7 out of 10 Nice design, good action, photos, foil used on the back as well, not complete career but a dozen or so for the veteran players, very glossy, good player factoid, team logo
Player Selection: 8 out of 10 Great. Several legends and a few all-stars added in.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: Bases Loaded 3 RBI  Double down the line. Six of ten keepers (even if one is a checklist) equals 60% in what was in it's day a high end product. While I am not sure if I would want a whole binder of these, they do stand out when mixed in a player collection page with a variety of different cards.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. These were great cards back in the day over all sports. They were so cool that an even cooler box/pack had to be designed to house them.

  2. Man I loved that set and still do. I remember I could only afford to buy a few packs when I was a kid. I bought the complete set when I got older though. Let me know if anyone needs any extra's.


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