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Friday, January 21, 2011

1996 Ringside Boxing Series 1

    Hello all. Today we go into the ring for the first pack of Boxing cards here on The Pack Rip Cafe. I have no desire to collect boxing cards but for 50 cents in the Vend-O-Pack machine so I grabbed them for a little variety here today. Any cards I am not keeping are in the freebie box so if you want them just shoot me an e-mail.

 1996 Ringside Boxing Series 1

#13 International Boxing Hall of Fame Maxie Rosenbloom
#2 International Boxing Hall of Fame Willie Pep
#47 Tom Johnson
#35 Luis Ramon Campas

A card with the American flag is a nice surprise. The International Boxing Hall of Fame are inserts.

#36 Ralph Tiger Jones
#7 Alex Stewart
#11 Jorge Gonzalez
#R3 Melvin Foster RC

   The Foster is a rookie card, hence the R in the number.

A couple of backs.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: NA
Rookie Cards:
 1 (Melvin Foster) 
Sub Sets:
 3 (Rookie and 2 International Boxing Hall of Fame)
Keepers for Me:
 1 (Johnson flag card)

Front Design: 5 out of 10 Fair, Same background on most cards, not much in the way of action shots.
Back Design: 6 out of 10 OK, decent fighter facts, only one year stats and totals, too much blank space.
Player Boxer Selection: 4 out of 10 Below average.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: Second round TKO (Foul Out).e I haven't heard of most of these fighters and a bland design make for a bad pack. The flag card and an 3 inserts get it to the second round before the TKO.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. The two Hall of Famers are cool.

  2. I need a Michael Carbajal Gold card out of this set to complete all the parallels. (gold & silver)

    Most people don't know but there is actually a chance to pull autos out of these packs. The only one I ever got was Willie Pep.

    If anyone needs a complete base set I have 2 extra. They are complete with the rookie and HOF subset.

  3. Love the boxing post... I collected a lot of Kayo, All-World, and Ringlords in the early 90's.


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