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Monday, January 24, 2011

1980 Cramer Baseball Legends Limited Edition Series 1

   Hello all. Today we go back to 1980 with a pack who's players go back way further. There were four 30 card series that were each released in 4 successive years. These are from series 1 in 1980. I believe Cramer Sports Promotions was the company that later became Pacific Cards and these had a Pacific logo on the back of the wrapper but is mentioned no place on the cards at all.

1980 Cramer Baseball Legends Limited Edition Series 1

 #3 of 30 Rabbit Maranville (Boston Braves)
#4 of 30 Earl Averill (Cleveland Indians)
#5 of 30 Joe Dimaggio (NY Yankees)
#6 of 30 Mickey Mantle (NY Yankees)

    A great start. I never heard of Rabbit but he is one of only a few who batted over 10,000 times. The two guys on the bottom were decent players in their day.

#7 of 30 Hank Aaron (Milwaukee Braves)
#8 of 30 Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinals)
#9 of 30 Bill Terry (NY Giants)
# 10 of 30 Sandy Koufax (LA Dodgers)
#11 of 30 Ernie Lombardi (Brooklyn Dodgers)

   Look at that, an extra card. I would say that there seems to be a pattern to the way these cards were packed, all in order. Ernie Lombardi is the only player in this back not in the hall of fame but if you look at his numbers, he probably should be. Nobody can complain about the players in this lot at all.

A couple of the backs.

Total Cards:
8 9 (Extra card)
Teams Represented: 6
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
Keepers for Me:
 3  (Dimaggio, Mantle, Aaron)

Front Design: 8 out of 10 Good pictures, nice design, very old school look,  no team logo.
Back Design:
 8 out of 10 Fun design, good player info, great player tidbits career stats only . 
Player Selection:
 9.5 out of 10
Awesome, with 8 out of 9 Hall of Farmers you can't go wrong.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: 2 RBI Single up the middle. I really like these cards for their old school look ans legends checklist. 3 great keepers and still other all time greats make this a real fun pack plus an extra card. Even with no parallels, hits, inserts or any other special cards this set is still great.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Those are great. Gotta see if I can run into some!

  2. Those cards are pretty cool, love the design, kind of old school. And the Braves card, Rabbit Maranville, wonder if he's quick like a rabbit??

  3. One of the best sets ever. Close to finishing all 4 series. Hadn't seen the wrapper in ages. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Hi, I have the series 1 no.1 of 30 the babe Ruth card

  5. Hi, I have the series 1 no.1 of 30 the babe Ruth card

  6. what is the value of an 8 pack?

  7. I have 11 unopened packs that Id like to sell. Trying to find out the value so that I know what to ask for them.

  8. I also have several Mickey Mantle cards to sell ass well, including a 57 Topps a Big card from when he hit his 15th world series home run and 3 R&N Porcelain autograph cards.


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