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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2000 Pacific Prism

    Hello all. Today we go back to 2000 with a very interesting pack. If you like parallels this is the product for you. These are the versions I could find.

Pacific Prism Base Card
Drops Silver (print run of 799)
Holgraphic Blue  sn'd /80
Holographic Gold  sn'd /480
Holographic Mirror sn'd /160
Holographic Purple sn'd /99
Pebbly Dots (print run of 691)
Premiere Date sn'd /61
Rapture Gold (print run of 565)
Rapture Silver (print run of 916)
Sheen Silver (print run of 448)
Slider Silver (print run of 334)
Texture Silver (print run of 448)
Tinsel Silver (print run of 331)
Woodgrain Silver (print run of 331)
    Lets see what I come out with. Be warned that they don't photograph too great. In person the have much more of a silver apperance and the background variations are more pronounced.

2000 Pacific Prism

#119 J. D. Drew (Cardinals)

   This is the base version. The camera flash reflects all the colors in the holographic like background.

#54 Damon Easley (Tigers) Purple 74/99

   Again the flash does some strange things with the purple background. The serial numbering is small and black just under the "2B"

# 123 Fernando Tatis (Cardinals)

   Base version again.

#126 Tony Gwynn (Padres) Rapture Silver

     Here is the Rapture Silver version. Same silver like color with a different grain.

#132 Freddy Garcia (Mariners)

    Back to base version.

A couple of the backs.

     All the backs look the same.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 4
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
2 (Easley Purple /99 and Gwynn Silver)
Keepers for Me:
 2 (Easly, Gwynn)

Front Design: 8 out of 10 Good pictures, nice design, awesome colorful holographic like backgrounds,  no team logo.
Back Design:
 7 out of 10 Nice design, team logo,  fair player info, good layout, one year stats.
Player Selection: 7 out of 10 Good, 1 HOFer.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: Double down the line. I really like these cards and love the backgrounds. Anybody who likes chasing rainbows will have a field day with this set as there are many different colors and background variations of each card.

   I am going to find a player to chase a rainbow but it wont be a superstar as they can be costly. Stay tuned to The Baseball Card Buffet for more of these and a chance to get some yourself in the near future.

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