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Monday, October 25, 2010

NFL 2010 Score

     Hello all. Today in honor of Monday Night Football I bring a pack of 2010 Score NFL cards. (Go Giants!)

2010 Score NFL

#33 Lee Evens (Bills)
#90 Knowshon Moreno (Broncos)
#160 Bernard Berrian (Vikings)
2 Very good receivers and an up and coming RB.

#280 Ronde Barber (Buccaneers)
Hot Rookie #18 Colt McCoy (Browns)
#364 Jordan Shipley RC (Bengals)
Glossy #14 Matt Ryan (Falcons)
All good players, the glossy parallel (Ryan) and rookie card (Shipley) come one per pack while the Hot Rookie insert come in 1 out of 6 packs.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 7
Rookie Cards:

Sub Sets:
1 (Ryan glossy)
 1 (McCoy Hot Rookie) 
Keepers for Me:
 0 (All are up for grabs.)

Front Design: 8 out of 10 Very good pictures, nice design, team logo, team colors used.
Back Design:
 8 out of 10 Nice design, team logo, good player info, last 5 years stats and career totals, team colors used.
Player Selection: 8 out of 10 Very Good, all relevant players with stars and notable rookies.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: Rushing First Down (RBI Single in baseball terms). I really like the design on this set especially at the cheap price of $1. All good players and an insert to go with the guaranteed RC and glossy parallel.

Thanks for Reading!

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