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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1995 Pinacle Zenith

Welcome back Cafe readers. Today I have a pack of 1995 Pinacle Zenith to display for your viewing pleasure.

1995 Pinacle Zenith Edition
#55 John Olerud (Blue Jays)
#75 Mike Mussina (Orioles)
A great start with 2 all stars.

#78 MoisesAlou (Expos)
#108 Wally Joyner (Royals)
One of many teams Alou played for.

Rookie Roll Call #1 of 18 Alex Rodriguez (Mariners)
#105 Travis Fryman (Tigers)
As usual, the camera doesn't to the A-Rod insert justice. These fell at one per 24 packs so I am stoked that it's a player I collect.

A couple backs and the one of the checklists included in every pack.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 6
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
1 (Rookie Roll Call)
Keepers for Me:
 2 (A-Rod Insert and Olerud, the rest are available)

Front Design: 7 out of 10 Good pictures, nice design, I like the yellow brick road look,  no team logo.
Back Design:
  5.5 out of 10  Fair design, average player pictures, interesting concept on the hit location chart but not good enough to carry 75% of the space on the back, no team logo
Player Selection:
7.5 out of 10
Good, 1 sure to be HOFer and a good mix of stars.

FINAL OVERALL RATING:   Single flared over the shortstops head. A sweet looking insert at one per 24 and the Olerud plus a cool front design make this a hit.

Thanks for Reading!

1 comment:

  1. Another set I really like. To get that Rookie Roll Call from just one pack is awesome. Great pack.


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