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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Hobby Edition

    Hello all, Today the Pack Rip Cafe jumps on board with the Gypsy Queen craze I bought 2 packs at my LCS so here is one and the other one will be over on The Buffet.

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Hobby Edition
       First thing I noticed was how thick the packs were.
#46 Thurman Munson (Yankees)
#43 Matt Cain (Giants)
#3 Cole Hamels (Phillies)
   Two Stars and one of my favorite Yankees of that era.

#113 Jose Bautista (Blue Jays)
#149 Adam Jones (Orioles)
#220 Tyler Colvin (Cubs)
   All quality players here.

#240 Fausto Carmona (Indians)
#150 Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs)
Mini #110 Todd Helton (Rockies)
    More quality players including a regular back mini.

Mini Bat Relic #FMRC-TM Thurman Munson (Yankees)
SP #344 Josh Beckett (Red Sox)
  WOW! A Munson bat relic! My first hit of him, I couldn't be happier with any other Yankee hit (except Mantle maybe). A Beckett SP also is icing on the cake for a great pack. An extra card was even inside as I got 11.

Some Backs.

Total Cards:
10 11 extra card
Teams Represented: 9
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
1 (Helton mini)
1 (Beckett)
Hits: 1 (Munson bat) 
Keepers for Me:
 2 (Munson base and Munson bat card) The rest are for trade.

Front Design: 9 out of 10 Good pictures, nice design, great artwork, good old school cardboard feel, I like the inclusion of the background artwork, no team logo.
Back Design:
 6 out of 10 Nice design, team logo, good player factoid, no stats, only 2 colors.
Player Selection: 7.5 out of 10 Good, nice mix of quality players plus the legends.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: 3 RBI Home Run to center field. A Hit, an SP, an extra card, what's not to like. I love the design and the feel of these cards. I am not the retro set kind of collector but this set has me tempted.

   Head on over to The Buffet and see how the other pack was, although I can't see it being much better then this one.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Insanely jealous. Awesome Munson card! Nice hit!

  2. Nice Munson relic, congrats--it's a Yankee I can't hate!

  3. Great pull for you.

  4. Great Munson hit and BTW I don't need the Helton in case you were saving it for me. Because you are usually cool like that.

  5. Mike, don't know if you're still monitoring this or not, but I'm in a desperate search for a copy of that Munson mini relic... is there any way on God's green earth that you'd part with it if you haven't already? Hope you're alright man... if you're willing to deal it, let me know what you'd want for it...


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