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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1996 Signature Rookies T-96 Old Judge

      Hello again Pack Rip Cafe readers. Today we rip into a Signature Rookies T-96 Old Judge pack from 1996. These pack come with a guaranteed autograph card and one insert.

1996 Signature Rookies T-96 Old Judge

#9 Travis Driskill (Cleveland)
#37 Kelly Wunsch (Milwaukee)
#15 Jay Kirkpatrick (Los Angeles)
#22 Kerwin Moore (Oakland)

Offer card for 5 card Griffey Jr. set
Jr. Hit Man #J1 Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners)
The offer card is standard size so you can see the T-96 size next to it.

#36 Don Wengert AUTO hand sn'd 4730/6000 (Oakland)

A couple of backs.

Total Cards:
Teams Represented: 5
Rookie Cards:
Sub Sets:
1 (Griffey Hit Man)
1 (Wengert Auto)
Keepers for Me:
 1 (Griffey Jr. The rest up for trade.)
* Looks like they count the offer card as one of the seven cards per pack stated on the wrapper. All packs have either that offer card or a checklist. I have opened a few of these and they are all the same way. (Lame!)

Front Design: 6 out of 10 All posed pictures, solid color background, appear to me non-licenced by MLB.
Back Design:
 6 out of 10 OK design, classic look, plain. 
Player Selection:
 2 out of 10
Poor. I only ever heard of Griffey Jr.

FINAL OVERALL RATING: RBI Single . The auto has to get a hit and the Griffey adds the RBI but the lack of any other players I ever heard of and plain design hold it too a single, not great considering there is an on card auto.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. I love the on-card autograph on an old school card design. After the Signature Rookies "Miracle on Ice" set... this is my second favorite... too bad the player selection is a little weak.


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